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Drakensberg Accommodation - Your guide to hotels, b&bs and self catering places

Drakensberg accommodation ranges from luxury 5 star Drakensberg hotels and game lodges or, to suit the more budget conscious traveler, small hotels, bed & breakfasts (b&bs), lodges and inns, private game parks, luxury tented safari camps, guest houses and establishments to luxury or budget self catering facilities and caravan parks and camping sites.

The Drakensberg region is renown for some of its special little romantic accommodation as well as its up market luxury accommodation and family accommodation facilities. And its not only accommodation that the Drakensberg offers, but plenty of activities too.

This Drakensberg accommodation site specialises in accommdation facilities in the region especially the Northern Drakensberg and the Central Drakensberg.

The Drakensberg is situated in KwaZulu Natal and is divided into three main regions namely the Northern Drakensberg, the Central Drakensberg and the Southern Drakensberg.

The Northern Drakensberg forms the watershed for the Tugela River. Royal Natal National Park with its spectacular scenery is a very popular part of the Northern Drakensberg. Here you feel truly humbled by the sheer beauty and magnificence of the awesome peaks to be seen. No matter how often you return, the mountains take on a different beauty depending on the weather and the light. The peak Mont-aux-Sources (3282ft) is the highest peak in this part of the Berg, which stretches as far as Cathedral Peak. (3148ft) Bergville, meaning “Mountain Village”, is a small village on the road (the R74) that leads from the Northern Drakensberg to the Central Drakensberg.

The Central Drakensberg in comparison to the Northern Drakensberg has a much higher population and offers more of a "Buzz" and a greater variety of things to see and do. The highest peak in the Central Drakensberg is Champagne Castle. (3248ft) The Southern Drakensberg stretches from Champagne Castle to Bushman’s Nek further south. Giant’s Castle (3314ft) and Wilson’s Peak (3342ft) are the highest points in the Southern Drakensberg. The Drakensberg Park in KwaZulu-Natal offers visitors a variety of Drakensberg activities including horse riding and horse trails, outdoor birding activities and Drakensberg mountain hikes, not to mention a variety of comfortable Drakensberg lodge accommodation. The Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park is one of South Africa's prime eco-tourist destinations and a World Heritage Site, is an awesome mountain range where one is able to embrace the surroundings whilst enjoying a variety of family orientated Drakensberg activities including hiking the famous Amphitheatre at Royal Natal or enjoying a horse riding trail at Cobham or Lotheni in the Southern Drakensberg. Renowned for its superb birding opportunities, enthusiasts are invited to relax in the land of the black eagle and the rare bearded vulture, whilst wildlife enthusiasts may marvel at herds of Eland along with the many other indigenous plants and animals.

The Drakensberg is a region rich in culture and endless outdoor opportunities, visitors to this region are guaranteed a superb, fun filled day of tranquillity and relaxation. A wealth of recreational Drakensberg activities is on offer to match the scenic splendour that surrounds you. There are magnificently laid out day hikes from all the major camps allowing visitors the opportunity to view a fabulous wealth of rock art paintings to rival any in the world. At Monks Cowl alone, guests have a wide range of mountain hikes to choose from. From lengthy day hikes to the two-hour hike up to “the Sphinx”, guests are able to enjoy breathtaking views over the Kingdom of the Zulu amongst a wealth of bird life and indigenous forests.

From the gentle amble along these self-guided hikes around Monks Cowl and Giants Castle, to the peaceful fly-fishing experiences in the rivers of Cobham and surrounding dams in the southern regions of the Park, an array of Drakensberg activities are on offer to meet the tastes of all those clambering a life of adventure. Thokozisa Cultural Village and Kingdom Weavers are two fascinating roadside tourist attractions both offering their own unique blend of South African culture and flair. Here guests are able to view the traditional art of weaving and candle making as well as exploring a range of craft stores and suppliers. Tea-gardens, pancake houses and restaurants offer picturesque views of the escarpment, adding to the serenity and enjoyment offered by this Drakensberg atmosphere.

Regardless of ones preferences, the Drakensberg and surrounding areas offers a variety of adventure opportunities and activities to cater for the individual’s specific needs and interests. From the Drakensberg activities of horse riding and mountain hikes among some of South Africa’s most panoramic regions, The Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park in KwaZulu-Natal should not be overlooked by from visitors to South Africa.

Drakensberg News
Best Accommodation and Specials in the Drakensberg.

Drakensberg Accommodation and Information
Information on the Drakensberg and accommodation

Accommodation in the Drakensberg
Accommodation in the Drakensberg ranges from luxury to basic accommodation and from hotels, bed and breakfast accommodation to camp sites.

Northern Drakensberg Accommodation
Northern Drakensberg accommodation varies from hotels, lodges, B&B’s, self catering cottages to caravan parks and camping sites.

Drakensberg Group Accommodation
Group accommodation in the Drakensberg

Drakensberg Retreat Accommodation
The only Drakensberg retreat accommodation and Retreat Centre in the Northern Drakensberg is at Drakensberg Mountain Retreat.

Accommodation at Vergezient Lodge
For accommodation in the Northern Drakensberg, Vergezient Lodge is definitely worth visiting.

Hiking, walking and accommodation, in the Northern Drakensberg
The Northern Drakensberg offers a wide range of walking and hiking trails most of which are open to all visitors regardless of where your accommodation is

Hiking accommodation at Vergezient
Vergezient Mountain Resort, now called Drakensberg Mountain Retreat, in the Northern Drakensberg offers spectacular hiking trails, views and very comfortable hiking accommodation.

The Amphitheatre hiking and accommodation.
The Amphitheatre and Mont-Aux-Sources tower over the Northern Drakensberg resorts which offer a full range of accommodation options from camping , Guest Houses and B&B’s to Hotels.

Northern Drakensberg Vergezient Mountain Resort
In the Northern Drkensberg, Vergezient offers you wonderful accommodation with views of the Drakensberg from the Amphitheatre in the Northern Drakensber to Champagne Castle in the Central Drakensberg.

Northern Berg Accommodation
Accommodation in the Northern Drakensberg varies tremendously from luxury hotels to camping sites.

Bergville accommodation - Hub of the Northern Drakensberg - South Africa
Bergiville offers accommodation ideal for tourists wanting to visit the Northern Drakensberg. Bergville is situated on the R74 which makes Bergville the hub to the Northern Drakensberg

Drakensberg Golf and Accommodation
Accommodation abounds if you want to chalange the Bateleur Eable on two sensational golf courses in the Central Drakensberg.

Links to sites with accommodation in the Drakensberg.
Links to sites for Drakensberg Accommodation.

Drakensberg accommodation and tourist information
With an incredible variety of accommodation, visit the Drakensberg and explore the Northern, Central and Southern Drakensberg at your leisure.

Drakensberg best walks, hikes and accommodation
The Drakensberg is ideal for walking and hiking particularly as accommodation in all areas of the Drakensberg is within easy travelling distance of these walking and hiking trails.

Golf and Accommodation
The Drakenberg – or the Berg as it is often referred to – is a must for all golf enthusiasts, offering courses with spectacular views and a variety of accommodation from camp sites, caravan parks, lod

Birds of the Drakensberg
Birding in the Drakensberg is a wonderful opportunity not only to see the birds of the Drakensberg but to also enjoy the beauty it has to offer.

Drakensberg Bowls and accommodation
Playing bowls in the Drakensberg is not just about bowls, but experiencing the fresh air and the magnificent scenenry and the Drakensberg also offers a variety of accommodation from camping to luxury

Cathedral Peak hiking, walking and accommodation.
Hiking in the Cathedral Peak area is an awesome experience and accommodation is available at the Cathedral Peak Hotel as well as a variety of Guest Houses or B&B’s in the area.

Central Drakensberg Accommodation
The Central Drakensberg accommodation facilities are about the best in the entire region. Hotels and b&bs abound with lots of activities and hiking trails

Winterton Accommodation and Information.
Winterton accommodation offers mainly B&B and self catering accommodation..

Winterton accommodation - Gateway to the Central Drakensberg
Winterton offers a good range of accommodation and is perfect to access the Central Drakensberg

Central Drakensberg Art @Crafts
The Central Drakensberg is extremely popular as it offers a variety of arts and crafts.

Central Drakensberg River Rafting
Make river rafting one of your adventures while visiting the Central Drakensberg.

Draskensberg Boy's Choir and Accommodation
The Drakensberg Boy's Choir is in the Central Drakensberg and is internationally recognized, not only for the music but also for the incredible level of perfomance and variety.

Estcourt, accommodation and tourist information
Estcourt accommodation in the Southern Drakensberg

Weenen accommodation and tourist information
Weenen accom

Kamberg accommodation - Agri tourism and natural beauty
Kamberg offer accommodation that fit the term agri tourism well. This unspoiled valley is a wonder of natural beauty

Underberg Accommodation - Gateway to the Southern Drakensberg
Underberg accommodation offers are perfect for tourists visiting the Southern Drakensberg. Underberg is the gateway to this region

Golf Central Drakensberg
Playing golf in the Central Drakensberg not only adds a new experience to your golf day but allows you to experience the beauty of the Central Drakensberg at the same time.

Northern Drakensberg Vergezient Guest House
Vergezient Gust House at Vergezient Mountain Retreat in the Northern Drakensberg has wonderful accommodation, a tranquil and homely atmosphere to make this a destination rather than a stepping stone f

Drakensberg Mountain Retreat
Drakensberg Mountain Retreat is the ideal place for a Retreat or Getaway, to rejuvenate in mind, body and spirit.

Giants Castle Accommodation
Giants Castle offers a few lovely accommodation options in the nature reserve and near to the Giants Castle Nature reserve

Giant's Castle Game Reserve and accommodation
Giant’s Castle in the Central Drakensberg area offers offers a variety of accommodation, self-contained cottages and chalets, a fully services lodge with it’s own cook, self-catering chalets and 3 mou

Giant's Castle Game Reserve accommodation and walking and hiking trails
A variety of accommodation is available within Giant’s Castle Game Reserve in the Drakensberg as well as in the surrounding area for those who wish to enjoy the walks and hikes in Giant’s Castle Game

Drakensberg Self-catering
Drakensberg self-catering accommodation varies from backpackers accommodation, comfortable group accommodation to cottages and chalets.

Drakensberg Activites
Drakensberg activites offer a great variety for adults and children..

Drakensberg Pet Friendly Accommodation
Drakensberg pet friendly accommodation is limited in the Drakensberg.

Bergville & surrounding area accommodation.
Bergville accommodation is fairly limited to B&B and self catering accommodation but there are a number of Guest Houses and Lodges on farms in the area.

The ealy inhabitants of the Drakensberg
The San were the first inhabitants of the Drakensberg.

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